Hello everyone,

In this video, I would like to explain very generally the main features and logics of how “QuizMindUp” software works and make necessary demonstration of live-system by not going too much details. After watching that video tutorial, you will understand what “QuizMindUp” is, advantages and how it works. So it will give you more chance to understand system but if it is needed you can also arrange presentation from contact page by our consultants to go in more details.

First question is what is “QuizMindUp” software?

«QuizMindUp» web-based software allowing to create online assessments/exams, quizzes, surveys, make evaluation and assess knowledge of your organizations' employees, your students, customers or any other audience.
In this website, you can find more information about products, features and etc. Now let’s go to demo version of system by clicking that link. In previous session, we explained how register, but now I will use my own username and password to access the system but if you are new comer (means new user), you can click on “Not registered, sign up here”. If you want to know more about registration process, then you can go to our previous tutorial.
Now I will use my own username and password and can access to system. Just for information as you see, system supports 6 languages like English, Turkish, Azeri, Russian, Spanish and check. If it is needed, we can add more languages during 3-4 days, it is not problem at all.
Let’s access and as you see this the main interface of “QuizMindUp” software. On the left, you can see different features/functionalities of system. In the central part you can see main dashboards, statistics of the system and etc.
So how is the system working?
Let’s start showing the main features of system one by one. Of course, before starting any system, you have to create the users with different roles. You create the different roles, like “System administrators”, “Branch Administrator”, “Teachers”, “Exams administrators” and etc. with their own “access management”. You can give access to necessary functionalities of that role based on your own decision.
After creating roles and giving accesses, you can create the users. So it can be created users manually one by one or you can import the users by special script from your existent users’ management system or it is possible to register via facebook account as well. Beside that as you see, we have here LAP authorization with your existent Active Directory. Those users who in Active Directory, we can synchronize with our system as well.
After creating the roles, users, you can also create the different groups for those users who will be assessed (like sale group, marketing, or 5-th , 6-th classes and etc).


We finished with creating users, then you can create Quizzes/Subjects. It calls in our system Questions’ Management module.

You can create different categories/types (like financial accounting, sales team, or 1-th class, 2-d class, 8-th or 9-th class, 10-th class) of questions based on what you will assess your employees or students. Of course, based on categories and not only categories by all modules, you can see more than 25 different reports.
After categories, you can create the subjects (Quizzes), so with what subjects you will assess your staff/students. As you see here, it can be different subjects. Imagine that because system is web-based software, teachers/trainers can create different questions based on their subjects which they are experts in.
After creating subjects, you can create different topics (themes) for each subjects. Let’s scroll and can create “New topic”.

Let’s just create one question, to see how it is created.
You can choose, subjects, difficulty levels and add the question. Example “What will be the result 2 + 2 ?” is equal to what? You can upload videos, appoint points, penalty points. More important feature is here “Question Types”. What does it means? It means here we see “One answer” only one correct answer you can choose below. Example, 2+2 answers are 4, 5, 6, 7, we point the correct answer is 4. Or Multi answer, if we choose it, then here will be more than one correct answers by selecting checkboxes.
Another one of big advantages of our system, is “Free text”. What does it means? You can enter open questions and students’/employees can write their own answers to question. Here in system, after finishing exams, teachers by entering to our system can read the answers and manually give grades (correct or not correct answer).  We can consider different types of questions.
Besides that, it is possible also create image-based answers. Also, in different tab, you can set difficulty level of courses “easy”, “medium”, “hard” and etc. also in Additional settings, you can choose Topics, Comments, header text, footer text, success and fail messages.
After creating all of the information, you can “Save” the question.
After creating categories and questions, in our system, it is created already “Questions banks”. In Question banks, you can see all questions by categories, subject and topics/themes by filtering. You can by selecting questions, make chances to different subjects, branches and press “Create copies” or “Delete”. Also you can “Archive”, “Unarchive”, “Update child questions”. Below you can again “create questions” or “Add image based new question”.  
Based on list of questions (questions banks), you can see “different type of reports” via diagrams view.


Let’s go to another “Assignment” module. What does it means assignments? It means you assign the exams, survey based on already created questions banks and users. Right now, exam administrator create assignment exams time when it will be organized. You see here the list of exams which will be organized (started) or already done (finished) by system. So you can create new assignments
You see here different features of new assignment creation. Let’s create the new assignment exam for example “Time management exam” or “Math exam for 9-th class”. After to choose the categories of subjects which you previously added Subjects (Questions) management module, on the right you can see the main subjects which is related to that category. Even you can by clicking to settings, can choose topics (themes) which related to that subject.
So main functionality is this one. It is Type of exams, system has exams management module and survey management module. What is exam? It is organizing exams and assessing employees and students. What is survey? It is good for all, banks, insurance companies, schools, etc - it is organizing surveys among your employees, customers, students and etc to identify how they are satisfy with quality of provided services. Let’s take type as exam, then show questions like “All questions”, “random variants” and “Random for each question”. Then you can identify the total questions count like show 30 questions in that exam, choose the variants of exams like 4 variants, make calculation by “point” or “percentage”, success point/percent let’s take 70 out of 100 % or points, test time in minutes let’s make 60 min. After that you can choose users group which will participate in exam process. Let’s choose “Users” group.
Then you can calculate total point by “Enter points”, “Questions points” and “Answers points”. These are points which you entered at Questions management module and system automatically calculate based on these points. Also calculate penalty points with “No penalty”, “Question penalty” and “Entered penalty”, then add image, write short description for exam like “Be smart and think on all questions very carefully”.
Then you choose “users settings”. Here you see that based on selected groups, it shows users’ who will participate in the exam. Even you can select manually different variants for users.
In additional settings, you can select “number of attempts”, like 1 or 2 if you give more chance to users. Visiable start like tomorrow at 15:00 and finish time tomorrow at 16:00, results templates, Questions orders by priority or random, answers order by priority or random, “send quiz results by mail” Manually of automatically after finish, send copy of all mails to emails like info@quizmindup.com , auto asisgn to new users, show total point to user after finish, allow users to review correct answers after finish, allow change to previous answers, show success/unsuccess message after each questions and etc. Also good feature, it is certificates templates, where after finishing exams, system can generate certificates templates. It is good for all especially for training centers.
Also very interesting feature “allow to rate assignment or rate questions”. It is good features to students/employees who are in the process of taking exams to evaluate/rate the level of assignment or questions. It measure how they satisfy and clarify the good and bad questions where in future you can improve the test questions quality level.
Also we have subject settings, it means in one exam, can be more than 1 topic to evaluate. As you see you can add more themes (topics) with success points and presentation duration. Example is you add Math with 20 points, then Financial Accouting 80%.
Next tab is Payment information – what does it means? It is, if you wants your customer make payment before starting exams or where you can sell you exams to your students, employees or customers. It is good for schools, training centers and companies who are selling their own tests. It is integrated with peyment systems (like paypall and sms gateways with mobile operators). Here you can arrange how much cost will be for that assignment and write down example 50 dollars.
That’s it with assignment module, where finally you press save button to save it in assignment list. Attention here you have to move to demo.quizmindup.com
You see here the list of all exams/assignment with green and red colors. Where green means started assignments, red is not stated or already finished assignments. Based on all asignments/exams, you can see more information and reports by clicking each of them. See here ….. but before going too deeply with information and reporting of assignments, let’s sign in with exam taker/students to process their part of work.


Employees/Students management module       

Let’s sign out and sign in with any user who will be external user. Example user6 and password. As user, you can also register with separate email. Here it is. It is personal page of students or employees who can see the list of actual assignments/exams which he has to pass. Also by clicking old exams, he can see those exams or surveys which he passed. Example results, which subject he passed, start and finish time, successed or not, pass score, total score, view details and certificates.
Now let’s go to any active exams and start one of the exam. Let’s take exam Example 1 and press start. Here is the exam process started with exam questions. Students are answering the questions, based on subjects and time duration. You can “mark for review” or press “save & next”, it is mentioned here show correct answer, that’s why shows to students the correct message. Next question, select correct answers, next.
One more important point is you can review by clicking your previous answered questions, where you are now and you all next questions with red color which is not yet answered questions. 
Also we have special Notification module where exam admin send any notification message during exam process and inform the users.
Exam process, let’s continue, you are answering, correct, next, correct ………. You can also watch video, listen it and answer questions. Let’s finish, are you sure, here it is, we finished and we passed the exam successfully. You see here, dear user6, Congratulations, you passed exams successfully. You see exam name, start and finish time, pass score, your score. Also you can by clicking “view details”, you can see your total results, details and subject results. By clicking details, you can see all questions which you answered and what was the correct answers.
One more important point – we have here helpdesk (ticket management module). What is it? If example student is not happy with any of the questions, he can create new “Ask question” and write “I have problem during Financial Accounting exam with question number 3”, for example and write more that “Question 3 was not correct. Please check”, you can select category “Question” or “Problem”, you can prioritize like “high”, “medium” or “low”, you can attach screenshot of that problem by making print screen of question, then you can press “save” button. This is all your problems/issues will be listed here and you can see the status of each of them. By filtering, you can see “My tickets”, “My closed tickets”, “My on hold questions” and “My open questions”.
Beside that as user, you can see your already done payments (your balance), you can make your payment via paypal and other online payment systems and mobile operators. That’s it with user, let’s sign out, and go with Exam administrator user to show other features.


Signing with exam administrator, writing username and password.

What to show next, let’s go to assignments/exams list, example choose example 1 or 2, you can click to information and see the results who created, who participated in that exam, what was results (success or not). You can if needed, generate into pdf, excel format to see the results and print it. You see it is final results of all students.

As exam administrator, you can see “Subject Settings”, “Payment information” and “additional information”. You can send here notifications to users, Manage assignment questions, print assignment questions and etc.

This is information for each assignment, beside that you can by clicking “reports”, see the results of real answers of students via diagrams forms.


 What else will be interesting for you it is helpdesk module. Here you are as exam administrator can see all tickets which was sent. I think you remember from students page, as student we sent one problem, this is this. As exam administrator, I can see all tickets, My branch tickets, Closed and on-hold tickets and etc. I can read the ticket which was sent by student, if I think that I can answer that request, so then I respond to that ticket, just writing the answer. Like “dear student/employee, your request was reviewed and everything is correct”, then to press “submit comments”. Also system send the comments to students’ email. Or if you think that that request is not your responsibility, then you can select that ticket and assign to teachers/trainings who can be responsible for that ticket. Then that teacher can see that ticket and give necessary responds. Again you see for each module, we have here reports (different type of reports).
What else we have is we have “Rating” module. It is grading and also students’ can rate the questions.
In “Settings” module, interesting part is “Branches”, you can create different branches with independent exams management.  You can create independent assignments, users and questions for each of your branches even make that one branch not to see another branch. Example you can have branches in another countries or regions and you want completely independent assessment system for each of them.
We have here “Emails templates”, with list of template message you are sending to users. Like “registered users”, “forgot passwords”, “start message”, “results success”, “results not success” and etc. You see one of template where it as static text and dynamic fields which it takes from system.
We have “results levels”, it is grading of assignment.
We have “content management”, on the top you see these menues, it is managed my content management module.
We have here “SQL queries”, “Test mails”, “Test certificates”, “test LDAP”, “Logs” and “IP banned List”.
On “My payments” module, you can see “My balance”, where you see current balance, you can refresh. You can see payment history, where you will see all payments which your students did.
This is generally it about in very short explanation of “QuizMindUp” system. Thanks for listening me and those who are really interested with system to buy or use demo version, feel free to contact us by info@quizmindup.com or our facebook page. More importantly, we can whenever you want, consider your requirements and make necessary re-development based on your needs.

Have a good day.