So what is QuizMindUp?
«QuizMindUp» web-based software allowing to create online assessments/exams, quizzes, surveys and assess knowledge of your organizations' employees, your students, customers or any other audience. We have started to develop our software solution 7 years ago and today we operate in international market more than 800 customers and more than 15 different countries (USA, Turkey, Russia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Nigeria, Austria, Australia, South Africa, UAE, Germany, French, Spain, Czech).

Who can use that software and for what:

1. HRs managers, branch & department managers, directors & trainings managers. They can use it for:

  • Evaluate and test new recruited and existing employees monthly, quarterly, yearly
  • Evaluate the level of satisfaction of your internal staff  or customers via organizing surveys and getting feedbacks
  • View and analyze the results instantly via dashboard reports

2. Public and private schools and universities exams’ administrators, educational managers and training centers’ managers:

  • Arrange the tests of students and create the database of questions
  • Evaluate the level of students’ satisfaction via organizing surveys and getting feedbacks
  • Store the database of certificates
  • View and analyze the results instantly via dashboard reports

“QuizMindUp” can be used in the following sectors:

  • Business & Finance (includes “Banks”, “Insurance”, “Productions & other companies”)
  • Education (includes “Schools”, “Universities” & “Training centers”)
  • Gov & Non-Gov organizations (includes “Ministries”, “Committees” & others)
  • Service-oriented companies (includes “Hotels”, “Restaurants”, “medical centers” & others)

Here are the Reasons, why “QuizMindUp” for you…

  • Make the proper evaluation of your staff, students and get feedbacks from customers;
  • Automate the transparency of process between exam takers & exam makers;
  • Save time and money - no more printing or marking test papers;
  • No software to install so you're up and running in minutes;
  • Multilingual student and administrator interfaces (available in English, Spanish, Russian, Turkish, Azeri & Czech);
  • View and analyze results instantly via dashboards;
  • Prompt Helpdesk (requests) management to get evaluations and historical view of requests (problems, questions and complaints);
  • Rate exams/assignments and questions by exam takers/students
  • All data is kept secure and private;
  • Availability of Mobile version of system;
  • Availability of source codes and documentation for GUI (backend)

Our services

1. System implemented on customers' servers includes packages:

  • Free (only demo for 30 days)
  • Standard
  • Business
  • Enterprise

2. System implemented on our quarantined cloud includes packages (it means system in our servers and you use as cloud):

  • Business & financial organizations (includes monthly and yearly standard & Enterprise packages)
  • Educational institutions (includes monthly and yearly Packages for Teachers and institutions)
  • Hotels, Restaurants and other service-oriented companies (includes monthly and yearly standard & Enterprise packages).

If you eager to see the demo version of system, we offer 30 days full functional evaluation copy of our “QuizMindUp” software.
You just visit this link for Demo version –   register - and by email you will get automatic confirmation to access the demo version.

If you face with any problems, feel free to contact us via

Live - presentation of system available upon you requests by our consultants.



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