«QuizMindUp» - Online assessment, exam, employees evaluation & survey management software product which was developed more than 7 years ago. It is already being used by more than 2500 companies, schools and training centres all around the world (in the different countries) and it is available to be used in 6 languages (English, Spanish, Russian, Turkish, Chezh and Azeri). You can either use this software from internet or restrict access to your company's intranet. 

«QuizMindUp» web-based software allowing to create online exams, quizzes, surveys and assess knowledge of your organizations' employees, your students, customers or any other audience. 
Our software can be separated into below mentioned products:

  • Assessment (Testing & Exam) and Evaluation Management Software
  • Surveys’ and Feedbacks’ Management Software
  • Centralized Certificates’ Management Software
  • Employees' evaluation - psychological testing
  • Trainings' process management software
  • Employees evaluation - Circular attestation

Sectors which can use our software:

  • Business & Finance (includes “Banks”, “Insurance”, “Productions & other companies”)
  • Education (includes “Schools”, “Universities” & “Training centers”)
  • Gov & Non-Gov organizations (includes “Ministries”, “Committees” & others)
  • Service-oriented companies (includes “Hotels”, “Restaurants” & others)

Our strategic company in San Fransisco, CA, USA - http://sanfranciscotech.com/