How to create efficient quizzes?

Examtaker shouldn’t only be listeners. They should also interact with learning content. Quiz is one of the possible interactions that gives great results for long-term knowledge. There are four basic types of questions: multiple choice, single choice, true/false and fill in the blanks. As, these types serve slightly different purposes, but the main purpose of all quizzes is assessment. You can and should mix it up with different types of questions – as it engages the students mind in multiple ways. There are however some basic principles to follow.

New Study Reveals Ability to Detect Faking on Employee Assessments

A recent study conducted at Select International examined multiple indicators of faking on employee assessments, both individually and in conjunction with one another, as an attempt to pinpoint fakers. The goal was to combine these various methods in a meaningful way that would result in a useful and valid tool to identify applicants who are attempting to fake during hiring assessments. Research has attempted to identify fakers for years with limited to modest success. This study shows strong support for using an innovative and practical approach yielding greater ROI for pre-employment personality assessments.

“QuizMindUp.Com” - Online Assessment, Testing, Exam, employees’ evaluations and Survey Management software – Text tutorial

In this blog, I would like to explain very generally the main features and logic of how “QuizMindUp” software works and make necessary demonstration of live-system by not going too much details. After watching that video tutorial, you will understand what “QuizMindUp” is, advantages and how it works. So it will give you more chance to understand system but if it is needed you can also arrange presentation from contact page by our consultants to go in more details.

“QuizMindUp.Com” - Your trusted measureable evaluation software tool

«QuizMindUp» web-based software allowing to create online assessments/exams, quizzes, surveys and assess knowledge of your organizations' employees, your students, customers or any other audience. We have started to develop our software solution 7 years ago and today we operate in international market more than 800 customers and more than 15 different countries (USA, Turkey, Russia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Nigeria, Austria, Australia, South Africa, UAE, Germany, French, Spain, Czech).